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General Setting

  1. Plain Text Logo — Check this box to enable a plain text logo rather than an image logo. Will use on your site title.
  2. Custom Logo Upload — Browser and upload your logo here. If plain text logo box is checked (ON) Then logo is not display on your website. Please uncheck plain text logo option (OFF) That can be display logo on your website.
  3. Logo Margin Space Setting — You can give margin space on logo with this option.
  4. Custom Favicon Upload — Upload a 16px X 16px png/gif image that will represent your website’s favicon. Use X-Icon Editor to easily create a favicon.
  5. Google Analytics Code — If you want use google analytics code for your website then please add google analytics code here.
  6. Click on “Save Settings” button So that your setting saved!
  7. Click on “Reset Setting” button then default setting restored !


General Setting - HVAC

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