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General Setting

Configure General Settings of your theme. Upload your preferred logo, favicon, and insert your analytics tracking code.

  1. Page Loader — If you want to show page loader ? If yes please checkbox is do checked.
  2. Plain Text Logo — Check this box to enable a plain text logo rather than an image logo. Will use your site title.
  3. Custom Logo Upload — Upload a logo for your theme.
  4. Logo Margin Space Setting — Manager your logo margin spacing customization here.
  5. Custom Favicon Upload — Upload a 16px X 16px png/gif image that will represent your website’s favicon. Use X-Icon Editor to easily create a favicon.
  6. Custom Heading Divider image — Upload your custom divider here that can be display under the heading title.
  7. Upload 404 Error Page Image here —Upload a 404 Error page image for your theme.
  8. Click on “Save Settings” button So that your setting saved!
  9. Click on “Reset Setting” button then default setting restored !


General Setting - Church

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