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Page Setting

How To Create Page in WordPress ? ( Page Setting – Whenever you change page setting then update page. )

  1. Add New Page — Front left side page > Add new page.
  2. Add Title — Please enter your page title.
  3. Add Your Content Here — WordPress provide visual editor using add your content here. Advance we added page builder ( kingcomposer ) through you can easy to manage your content, grid, column, div structure easy to customize.
  4. Select Your Header Variations — Select which header variations you want to display for this page.
  5. Select Your Page Container — Select your page div structure that can be display on page for full-width page, container page, or custom div structure.
  6. Select Your Page Sidebar — Select your page sidebar for display with page with right sidebar, left sidebar or full width page.
  7. Sidebar Select — Select sidebar that can be display on page with selected sidebar.
  8. Footer Style— Select footer style and updated page setting that can be display footer style for this page.
  9. On/Off — If you want to show page banner so checkbox is checked or if you want to hide page banner so please turn off page banner condition so this page id not display page banner.
  10. Upload Your Page Banner Here — If you want to display custom page banner image so you can easy to upload your 1920 X 300 image size.
  11. Page Attributes — Select your page template.
  12. Publish — Publish.


Page Setting - FixPress

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