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Theme Style

  1. Body Style — Theme body style customization that can be display on front side look.
  2. Preloader Background Color — Preloader background customization.
  3. Header V.1 Customization — Header version customization please select your header version radio image then customize style.
  4. Top Navigation Background Color — Top Navigation Background Color Customization.
  5. Icon Color — Icon Color Customization.
  6. Top Navigation Text Color— Please provide top navigation text color.
  7. Header Background— Please provide header background color.
  8. Menubar Text Color— — Please provide menubar text color.
  9. Menubar Text Hover Color — Please provide menubar text hover color here.
  10. Social icon color — Please select social icon color.
  11. Social icon hover color — Please select social icon hover color.
  12. Sub Menu Background— Please provide background color for sub menu.
  13. Sub Menu Hover Background— Please provide sub menu hover background color.
  14. Accent Color— Please select Accent Color for your theme.
  15. Accent Hover Color— Please provide theme accent hover color customization.
  16. Footer Background— Please select footer background color
  17. Footer Heading Color— Please select footer heading color
  18. Footer Text Color— Please select footer text color
  19. Footer Accent Color— Please select footer accent color
  20. Footer Accent Hover— Footer Accent Hover Color Customization.
  21. Tiny Footer Background— Please provide tiny footer background color.
  22. Tiny Footer Text Color— Please provide tiny footer text color.
  23. Click on “Save Changes” Button So that Saved!
  24. Click on “Reset Setting” Button So that Your restore setting!


Theme Style - FixPress

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