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Theme Typography

  1. Google Fonts — The Google Fonts option type will dynamically enqueue any number of Google Web Fonts into the document HEAD. As well, once the option has been saved each font family will automatically be inserted into the font-family array for the Typography option type. You can further modify the font stack by using the ot_google_font_stack filter, which is passed the $font_stack, $family, and $field_id parameters. The $field_id parameter is being passed from ot_recognized_font_families, so it will be the ID of a Typography option type. This will allow you to add additional web safe fonts to individual font families on an as-need basis.
  2. Body Typography — Please provide body typography.
  3. Heading H1 — Please provide h1 typography.
  4. Heading H2 — Please provide h2 typography.
  5. Heading H3 — Please provide h3 typography.
  6. Heading H4 — Please provide h4 typography.
  7. Heading H5 — Please provide h5 typography.
  8. Heading H6 — Please provide h6 typography.
  9. Heading p — Please provide p typography.
  10. Click on “Save Setting” Button So that Your Setting Saved!
  11. Click on “Reset Setting” Button So that Your restore setting!


Theme Typography - FixPress

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