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Post Setting

How To Create Post in WordPress ? ( Post Setting – Whenever you change post setting then update post. )

  1. Add Post — From left menubar choose Post > Add Post.
  2. Add Title — Please enter your page title.
  3. Add Your Content Here — WordPress provide visual editor using add your content here. Advance we added page builder ( kingcomposer ) through you can easy to manage your content, grid, column, div structure easy to customize.
  4. Select Header — Select header display on this page.
  5. Choose Page Layout — Select you want page div structure such as Container, Container-Fluid, Custom Div Structure at page.
  6. Page Sidebar Condition —Select your page sidebar for display with page with right sidebar, left sidebar or full width page.
  7. Select Sidebar — Select sidebar & that can be display on this page with register widget area section display.
  8. Page Header Show/Hide option — If you want to hide header page banner on this page please checked box.
  9. Header Image — Choose your header image on page if header images is empty or not choose so by default theme options header image is Default set on header image.
  10. Metabox : Video — If you want to add video on this blog so please Add Video live url.
  11. Metabox : Audio — If you want to add audio on this blog so please Add Audio live url.
  12. Metabox : Gallery — If you want to add gallery on this blog so please Add Gallery Images.
  13. Feature Image — Featured image not use in page. Php file this is by default wordpress functionality.
  14. Tags — Add your blog tags here.
  15. Categories — Add your blog categories here.
  16. Post Formate — Select your blog post formate here.
  17. Publish — Click on publish button.


Post Setting - Fixit

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