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Header Setting

Configure Header Section to customize your to upload your preferred Header Banner, breadcrumbs.

  1. Give Button On / Off —If you want to show give button then checkbox is checked.
  2. Add Icon Wishlist on headerbar  —Add Icon Wishlist on headerbar.
  3. Add Cart icon on headerbar  —Add Cart icon on headerbar.
  4. Page Banner —Check this box to enable a Front page Slider Display none ( Hide ) rather than a Slider Display.
  5. Page Banner Heading Font-Family — Choose Page Header Heading Font.
  6. Page Banner Description Font-Family — Choose Page Header Description Font.
  7. Page Banner Headings Customization —Choose font-size, line-height and font-color for page banner heading text.
  8. Page Banner Description Customization — Choose font-size, line-height and font-color for page banner description text.
  9. Prayer During the Time — Prayer During the Time.
  10. Give Button Text — Enter the text for call to action button on menubar.
  11. Give Button Link — Enter the url for call to action button link on menubar.
  12. Click on “Save Settings” button So that your setting saved!
  13. Click on “Reset Setting” button then default setting restored !


Header Setting - Praise Church

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