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Slider Settting

Slider option customization :-

  1. Slider Heading Font — Choose Slider Heading Font.
  2. Slider Description Font — Choose Slider Description Font.
  3. Slider Heading Color — Slider Heading Color.
  4. Slider Description Color —Slider Description Color.
  5. Animation Speed — Animation Speed of slider.
  6. Control Nav — Controlnav true or false.
  7. Direction Nav — Direction true or false.
  8. Button Display in Small Device —If you want display button show on front page slider at small devices true or false.
  9. Slider Button Background Color —Slider Button Background Color.
  10. Slider Button Text Color — Slider Button Text Color.
  11. Click on “Save Settings” button So that your setting saved!
  12. Click on “Reset Setting” button then default setting restored !


Slider Setting - Praise Church

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