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Post Setting

Header and Footer Setting

  1. Header Show / Hide Option
  2. If Header is Show then Header all version is selectable – select header version.
  3. Footer Show / Hide Option
  4. If Footer is show then footer all version is selectable – select footer version.
  5. Tiny Footer Show / Hide Option – If is off then tiny footer not showing current page.


VisaHub WordPress Page Setting

Page Container Setting

  1. Select Page Container – ( Container, Container-fluid, Custom Structure ).
  2. Page Sidebar Setting. ( No sidebar, Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar ).
  3. Page Sidebar Widgets Area ( If you selected Left Sidebar or Right Sidebar you can show this option ). Select any one widget area that can be display on page.


VisaHub Page Container Sidebar Setting

Page Header Banner Setting

  1. Page Header Banner Show/Hide Option.
  2. Upload Custom Page Header Banner Image For Current page.
  3. Page Header banner Description Show / Hide Setting.
  4. If your page header banner description setting is On then you can write page header banner description and show on front side.
  5. BreadCrumbs Show / Hide Option.


VisaHub Page Header Banner Setting

Current Page Newsletter Setting

  1. Newsletter Show/ Hide on this page – by default is off.
  2. Select Newsletter Style ( Popup, Scroll ).


Post Format Meta Setting

  1. Upload Gallery Images – ( If you selected Post Formate as a Gallery ).
  2. Insert Video Link – ( If you selected Post Formate as a Video ).
  3. Insert Audio Link – ( If you selected Audio Format as a Audio ).


VisaHub WordPress Theme Post Page Setting

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